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SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment (10ml)

SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment (10ml)

Advantages of Sena Pre- Cleanse Treatment (KKM: NOT180501231K)s

SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is the perfect solution to help you overcome all your Hair, Beard, Eyelashes & Eyebrows issues.

Advantages of SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment;

  • 100% Natural Ingredients (ZERO Chemical)
  • Helps Scalp and Beard Itchiness.
  • Promotes hair growth and thickens hair
  • Softens and tames frizzy hair/beard.
  • Helps hair fall and damaged hair
  • Strengthens hair shaft
  • Prevents split ends
  • Helps premature greying.
  • Treats Dandruff/ crusty scalp, alopecia, eczema, dermatitis and majority scalp conditions.
  • Ideal for both men & women, prenatal and postpartum, kids and babies above 1 year old.


  • Treats hair and beard patches
  • Restore Damaged Hair and Beard
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SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment (50ml)

SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment (50ml)

Your Haircare Essential

ONE product for ALL hair problems. SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is the perfect solution to help you overcome all your Hair, Beard, Eyelashes & Eyebrows issues.

SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is formulated to not only treat damage that has already been inflicted to your hair, but also nourish, strengthen, and restore them back to its natural vibrancy.

What is SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Specialty?

  • Made from 100% Natural herbs, a recipe that has been used by generations. Its effectiveness has already been proven so you can use it confidently without hesitation.
  • It contains Certified Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Curry Leaves, Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Guava and Neem. The contents itself is proven highly nutritious to enhance and promote hair growth and other advantages for hair.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE treating your hair problems. We have numerous positive feedbacks from customers to prove its effectiveness. Some saw DIFFERENCE AS EARLY AS ONE DAY. Do check out our the amazing results at #SENAreview on our social media pages.
  • HANDMADE, HAND-POURED & HANDCRAFTED in small batches enduring a long a slow process to ensure nutrients are not destroyed at the same time could easily penetrate the scalp, skin and hair shaft.
  • SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment doesn’t only penetrate your scalp but also your hair shaft where most of the hair oil could not. This is the reason why its effect could be seen or felt as soon as the FIRST USAGE.
  • Sold in an amber glass dropper bottle which is easy to bring anywhere you go. Glass amber bottle used to ensure no chemical reaction occurs to our oil like plastic bottles and amber colour filters out UV and Blue light which is not good.
  • SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment has a very strong herbal smell as is made of 100% Natural ingredients & has ZERO Chemicals added. Just double cleanse & condition your hair to remove the smell.
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