Giving Back


“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animal is treated.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Every other day we hear news of animal cruelty. Sometimes it could be so shocking that it hurts us to the very core of our being. The victims are often strays who have no means of protecting themselves. Even more are seen in deplorable states due to malnutrition and poor living conditions.

At SENA we believe in doing our part to alleviate these issues by contributing
5 % of every bottle sold
to two organizations that are committed to improving the lives of countless number of strays. They offer food, shelter and a chance at adoption for these wonderful creatures.

We are incredibly honoured to be able to show our support to these organizations and we hope that you would let your friends and family know of them and their amazing work.

Stray Animal Rescue Aid (SARA)

Stray Animal Rescue Aid (SARA) is an organization that rescues and re-homes stray animals from the streets or from owners who have given them up for adoption.

Click here to learn more about them.

Zero Hunger Stray Animal (ZHSA)

Zero Hunger Stray Animal (ZHSA) is an organization that feeds stray animals, especially those that are suffering from malnutrition.

Click here to learn more about them.