7 Postpartum Hair Tips for the New Mama-llama!

Hello there, radiant new mommies!

While you’re currently embracing your newest role (complete with sweet baby cuddles and oh, those adorable coos), there’s another post-baby surprise some of us didn’t RSVP for: postpartum hair changes. I mean, weren’t sleepless nights enough? Fear not, because we’ve got your (hair) back!

Let’s dive into how you can sail smoothly through these hairy waters with flair and finesse.


1. Shed the Fear of Shedding

Truth: Those luscious, thick pregnancy locks were lovely while they lasted. It’s totally normal for some of that hair to take its leave post-baby. Remember, it’s just a phase. Like your baby’s 2 a.m. party time. (It will pass, right?)


2. Short and Sassy

Considering chopping those tresses? A stylish shorter cut can reduce the weight of the hair, making it seem fuller and giving you a fresh, chic vibe. Plus, it’s a time saver. And who couldn’t use an extra five minutes in the morning…or the afternoon…or, let’s be real, whenever.


3. Shampoo Smarter, Not Harder

Opt for volumizing shampoos and lightweight conditioners. They give your hair a boost without weighing it down. Because the only thing that should be heavy around here is the diaper bag.


4. Be Gentle, Mama

Avoid harsh chemical treatments. Yes, those mermaid hair aspirations can wait. Embrace a more natural look, or opt for gentler, ammonia-free color. Your hair will thank you!


5. Rock Those Roots

Worried about thinning around the crown? Play around with hair partings. Switching your part can give an instant volume lift and hide thinner patches. Hair magic? We think yes!


6. Eat, Sleep, Massage, Repeat

Indulge in regular scalp massages using natural oils like our SENA Pre-cleanse Treatment! Not only is it a relaxation ticket in our chaotic mom world, but it also promotes circulation and hair growth. Bonus: Get your partner to do it for a mini pamper session!


7. Accessories are your BFF

Headbands, scarves, and cute hats can stylishly camouflage hair changes, giving you a fresh look with minimal effort. And on days when you feel like all you’ve achieved is keeping the baby alive (huge win, by the way), a snazzy hair accessory can feel like a real accomplishment.

Remember, fellow mama-llamas, your body just accomplished the spectacular feat of creating and birthing a human! It’s only natural for it to go through some recalibrations. While postpartum hair shifts can be a surprise, with these tips, you’ll be hair-ready for any baby and mommy selfies!